Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams

Client Service Associate

Ryan Williams is learning the ropes of financial advising while he is completing his certification to become a financial planner.


I joined the team at Wagener Lee as an administrative assistant in November 2021. Right now, I’m learning the ropes of financial advising working under Stephen Lee while I complete my certification to become a financial planner. I always had an interest in the markets. Finance is one of those things everyone has to deal with in life – whether that’s starting a savings account, planning for retirement or contributing to your 401(k). What better way to learn about it all than to do it myself?


My grandparents always had a lot of coins around – just containers of coins everywhere. They taught me to count using those coins. Our family played a lot of Monopoly, which was like my first lesson in economics. My parents were always really responsible with money and instilled that in me. They taught me to save money where you can and plan accordingly.


All that education from my parents and grandparents stuck with me.  I worked two jobs in college and chose to attend community college for the first two years to save money.  I also lived at home during that time to cut costs even more.


I’ve traveled throughout the US, to places like Yellowstone and other national parks. Last year, my girlfriend and I went to Las Vegas. We wanted to rent a car to drive out to the Grand Canyon but given my age, renting a car was going to be very expensive. We found a less expensive option – a helicopter ride! It was cool to fly in the helicopter, over the Grand Canyon and back – seeing the Las Vegas strip from the air. After that we took a bus to the Hoover Dam and went kayaking. The water was beautiful, this bright, emerald green.

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Ryan grew up in Charles County, Maryland. He started playing golf at the age of six and went on to play for his high school team. When Ryan isn’t working, he enjoys playing paintball and spending time with his girlfriend, exploring the hiking trails around Maryland.