Emmy Panaseth

Client Services Manager

Emmy Panaseth has been our client services manager since 1981. Her wealth of knowledge about fixed income investments and all aspects of our business allows us to provide a high level of expertise to our clients.

email: Emmy@WagenerLee.com
Need Answers? Ask Emmy!

I am a registered Series 7 securities representative, but I wear many hats in my position: computers, compliance issues, paperwork, billing, and I help Rick Wagener’s clients. I’m close with a lot of our clients because I’ve been here for 38 years – where I’ve seen so many dramatic changes in everything from computers to the growth of our staff. When I started, it was just Rick and three others. Over the years, the office has changed locations, but every time the office moved, I moved, too.

Emmy’s dedication to our clients has earned her the Raymond James Service First® award.

Panaseth’s Personal Touch

 In addition to helping our staff, I help our clients complete paperwork, establish online accounts and complete transactions. It’s great getting to know our clients and their families.

She assists our staff, our clients and her extended family.

Caring for Others

My husband and I babysit our twin grandchildren Aidan and Ava, who love to come to our home. Aidan told me, “I’m going to live to infinity and I will always visit you.” I’ve also participated in fundraising for the Leukemia Society, Cancer Association and Multiple Sclerosis.

Fun Fact

Before meeting my husband, I never traveled. But now, it’s a big part of my life. We’ve been to Peru, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, China, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Spain and many other countries. Last year, we traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand to see 12 different tribes, but that wasn’t the first time I’ve been a guest of tribes. We were once invited to the home of a tribal chief!

Emmy 101

Emmy was born in Boston, but grew up in Maryland. Prior to joining Wagener-Lee, she attended the Gardner School of Business, and worked as an office manager for orthopedic surgeons. On days off, she enjoys being with her grandchildren, horseback riding and cooking. Emmy lives in Silver Spring with her husband of 49 years, San.