Darlene Melcher

Performance Reporting Advisor, Wagener-Lee, LLC<br>Client Services Associate RJFS

Darlene Melcher isn’t just a longtime Wagener-Lee employee. She’s been a Wagener-Lee client since the mid-1980s.

email: Darlene@WagenerLee.com
Darlene’s Destiny

I worked as a manager and computer systems analyst for USF&G (United States Fidelity & Guaranty), an insurance company based out of Baltimore. In 1998, the business was bought by the St. Paul Companies, and in later years, bought by Travelers. When the St. Paul Companies closed the Baltimore operation in 2000, I took early retirement and worked for another local company as a consultant for a little over three years. In late 2004, I just happened to mention to Rick Wagener that I was thinking about part-time work, and he said, “Funny you should mention that. My partner Steve Lee could use some help around the office.” And I’ve been working for Steve ever since.

Although Darlene is considered a part-time employee, her quarterly visits to the office last anywhere from seven to ten days at a time.

A Full Report

As a Performance Reporting Advisor, I provide technical support and investment reports for our clients. I work four times a year at the beginning of every quarter. I pull together the statements and quarterly investment fees for all of Steve Lee’s clients. From the time I start to the time I’m finished, it’s about a two-week period. I’m extremely detail-oriented – even in my personal life. I feel better when I have control over things. I think this benefits our clients because I am very methodical in my reports.

I use the database on which Steve has all our client information, and I make sure it’s current with the Raymond James calculations. Raymond James verifies and audits our billing, but we do the work. When I’m in the office, 100% of my time is completing our quarterly reporting.. If a regular staffer had to juggle this task within their daily duties, it would stretch out the process for a long time. Since this is my only responsibility, I can really focus.

I worked for 25 years in corporate environments for huge companies. I love working in a small firm with fewer people. Everybody’s friendly. When I come back after three months, it’s like I’ve never been away.

Time Off, Take Off

When I’m not working for Wagener-Lee, I love being at our house, which faces Chesapeake Bay. We tend to avoid boating on Saturdays and Sundays because of all the “weekend warriors” racing around. Since my husband is retired, we go out during the week. It’s so much better.

Fun Fact

My husband Bob and I love to travel and we try to take cruises twice a year. I love the Caribbean and Mexico. Cruising is great: you unpack once and visit different places. Somebody makes your bed in the morning and turns it down at night and you don’t have to worry about a thing. My dream job would be working on a cruise ship. I’d love to see the world and do all the cultural programs in each country, or do what’s called “Cruising with a Purpose,” where you actually go on the islands and work with the people.

Darlene 101

Born in Baltimore, Darlene moved to Linthicum Heights with her family when she was five. She earned an associate’s degree from Anne Arundel Community College and a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Baltimore. Darlene lives with her husband Bob in Middle River, Maryland.